Newtral NT001 Ergonomic Office Chair with Auto-following Lumbar Support

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Why choose newtral ergonomic office chair ?

Newtral office chair is tailored for individuals who spend prolonged periods sitting, designed to meet ergonomic standards. It is the world's first chair that automatically adjusts to support your lumbar and back, whether you're leaning forward, sitting upright, or reclining. Providing comprehensive support and comfort, it alleviates discomfort associated with extended sitting. Whether for long office hours, study sessions, or leisure time, you deserves to experience the comfort and support of a Newtral ergonomic Chair.

What are the main features of the Newtral NT001?

Auto-following and supporting the lower back, reducing spinal pressureAdjustable and 

Recline up to 136°

Detachable laptop table seamlessly integrates with the office chair

Recline up to 136° & Lockable at any position
4'11" - 6'9", weights up to 300 lbs

150 cm - 204 cm, weights up to 136 kg

What are the differences between NT002 and NT001?



Five star base



Aluminum alloy





Korea Filo Back Mesh

Standard breathable mesh

What height range is the Newtral chair suitable for?

Suitable for individuals with a height range of 5.1" to 6.3" (1.27 m to 1.91 m). The chair's total height is adjustable within the range of 43.7" to 54". 

The backrest height is adjustable with five different positions, allowing users to customize the support based on their height needs.

 For individuals over 6.0" (1.83 m) tall, we recommend purchasing additional height-increasing wheels, which add an extra 3 cm, providing better comfort for taller individuals.

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Patented Lockable 

Auto-Following Lumbar Support

                             No More Slouching!           

Helping Your Spine Achieve Its Most Natural S-Curve 

Patented Auto-Following Lumbar Support

It intuitively adjusts to your back movements, offering constant support and encouraging better posture. This dynamic support system reduces the tendency to slouch or hunch over, intelligently fitting the waist for excellent low back support and relief from back pain. With lockable height across 5 key positions, enjoy personalized comfort at its best. 

136° Tilt for a Comfortable Rest

The functional synchronized tilt mechanism enables angle adjustments in four positions. Adjust the backrest tension to various levels based on body weight, enhancing responsiveness and flexibility. This unique feature ensures comfortable reclining experience, whether it's during your lunch break at work or at home.

Tailored Comfort: 5-Position Adjustable Backrest

Adjust up and down to meet diverse height needs, intelligently supporting the waist for excellent low back support and relief from pain.

Perfect Fit: 5cm Seat-Depth Adjustment

Individuals of different sizes can find their ideal seating position. Ensuring proper thigh support and flat feet placement, it promotes better posture and reduces the risk of lower back strain.

Mesh Comfort: Breathe Easy in Style

Stay cool and comfortable with our breathable mesh back design. Enhancing airflow, it provides optimal ventilation, ensuring a refreshing and enjoyable sitting experience throughout the day.


Class 4 SGS-certified gas lift 

Equipped with Class 4 SGS-certified gas lift and boasting BIFMA and EN1335 certifications, ensuring its durability and reliability.



What does it mean auto-following back support?

Normally a chair cannot offer any back support after you change sitting posture from standard posture, but our Newtral auto-following merchanism allows the backrest to adjust position to accomadate the changed sitting posture and offer continuous back support for different postures to reduce lumbar pressure. This unique design from Newtral is patented in USA.

What does it mean auto-adjustable function?

Experience the ultimate in full-neck support with our chair's advanced headrest adjustment feature. With a generous range of 15cm height adjustment and an angle of 51 degrees, you can easily customize the headrest to find the perfect position that caters to your individual comfort needs. What sets our headrest apart is its innovative auto-following system, which intuitively adapts to your neck's position changes. As you move and adjust your posture, the headrest automatically adjusts to maintain optimal support, ensuring that your neck remains in a comfortable and well-aligned position throughout the day.

Why is there no way to lock my seat back when it raised to the highest height, it will fall to the lowest position

The chair has a total of 5 height adjustment gears, but only a total of 4 lock position. The lowest height for the first gear height, and it can be raised up to the fourth height. When the backrest is pulled to the highest height and it is impossible to lock. When you lift the backrest up one gear by one gear, you will hear the sound 4 times and when you hear the forth sound(the highest height)then the backrest will reset to the lowest height

Why can't the backrest return to upright after tilting?

If you need to restore the backrest to upright or adjust the backrest tilt angle again, please use your right hand to pull out the adjustment mechanism again, and then lean your body back on the backrest vigorously, when hear the "click" sound, the backrest unlocked successfully, at this time you can re-adjust the tilt angle or back to the upright state. If you need to fix the backrest, please push the adjustment mechanism inward.

How do I make the lumbar support follow my waist instead of being fixed?

There is a black knob switch below the lumbar support. Twist the switch, when the lumbar support is unlocked and it can chase the waist automatically.

What is the warranty period ?

Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities, which is why we proudly offer a comprehensive 3-year warranty on our products. We stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our chairs, and we want you to enjoy them worry-free.

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