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NEWTRAL Ergonomic Chair Story

I am Stan Deng, President of Microtouch Technology Inc. and the designer of the NEWTRAL Chair. In 2002 when I was studying for my Master’s Degree at San Diego State University (SDSU), I developed severe pain in my right hand that was diagnosed as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) caused by the excessive amount of computer use I was doing, with my hands often in an unhealthy flexed position.  Also, during that time, I had several laborious jobs to help put myself through school such as loading and unloading boxes in a UPS warehouse, working in bookstores…etc., and I developed severe back pain for years. I was in despair when I found I could not work in an office with CTS, and also could no longer work in warehouse with long-term back pain.

To relieve my hand pain, I began to study and research injury prevention in the Ergonomic and Human Factors field for many years and in 2009, I designed a Rockstick mouse for people suffering from CTS.  This was the first mouse in the world allowing people to click by using their arm instead of just the fingers, significantly reducing the users risk of developing CTS. The Rockstick 2 mouse won the prestigious 2014 Reddot Design Award. Our customers include ergonomic channel distributors such as OfficeRelief, Goldtouch, ErgoWorks, and The Backshop to name a few.  Many large companies including Chevron, Apple, Google, Exxon Mobil, Boeing and Oracle provide our products to their employees to help prevent workstation injuries.
In 2017, I began to research and design an ergonomic chair to relieve my now chronic lower back pain.  After years of extensive work, we designed and developed the ultimate chair for the relief of low back pain called “The NEWTRAL Chair”.  This unique ergonomic chair has a patented, fully adaptive lumbar support system that provides superior back support that can also flex with the natural movements of the spine.

I have used my personal experience with body pain to develop products to help others.  Our company’s mission is to offer innovative, state-of-the-art ergonomic products to help our customers work more comfortably and prevent unnecessary injuries for a better and healthier life.