Newtral Detachable Laptop Table

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Please notice: 

The laptop table is only compatible with the Newtral chairs. 

Perfect Match for Newtral Chair: Newtral Detachable Laptop Table is a versatile and innovative accessory expertly designed to be adapted to the Newtral Chairs, enhancing home office working System. This ultimate ergonomic system is dedicated to providing the utmost comfort and support, promoting a healthy posture, and increasing productivity.

Newtral Detachable Laptop Table, designed for laptop computer chair, chair laptop desk, and chair with laptop table, is a versatile accessory enhancing the ergonomic Newtral Chairs. This innovative system prioritizes comfort, support, and a healthy posture, optimizing productivity in your home office workspace.

Convenient to Use: Easy assembly with Newtral Magic H helping you effortlessly set up your remote workstation. This not only facilitates work but also provides comfort for relaxation, gaming, and reading. Additionally, its compact design enables convenient storage, making it an ideal choice for individuals with limited workspace or those aiming to stay organized with coffee, mobile phones and laptop

On-the-Go Productivity: The attachable laptop desk for the Newtral chair is a portable solution that enhances your workspace wherever you go. Its flexibility enables you to freely adjust the support angle, ensuring your comfort while using a book or laptop. It's lightweight and easy to move, allowing you to work comfortably and efficiently in different settings, whether it's in the living room, or outdoors

Warm Ergonomic Tips: Ensure your eye level aligns with the top of the text in your computer programs. Monitors should be positioned 22 - 24 inches away from your face, approximately the length of most people's arms. Keeping you work or relax at a very comfortable and natural position, without worry about pressure from the wrong postures

Guaranteed Quality: We offer 3-year warranty, with no cost on replacements and shipping, ensuring your long-term comfort