The Newtral Chair is a masterpiece you need at home


Want to know about the best ergonomic Chair in the market? Newtral chair is the one that will solve all your problems to comfort. 

We are living in a technological era where our comfort is always at stake, especially when working from home. The work is now more advanced, making it a lot easier to involve less physical strength and more mental strength.

Well, we all have been through sore muscles, backaches, and health problems, mainly because of our posture and the position that we work in. In all that, if you have a little care about yourself, the first thing you need is a comfortable and ergonomic chair.

But the real question is how we are going to find the best ergonomic chair. Well, we say no more because Newtral Brand offers quality, advanced technology, and the perfect materials that can whisk away body-head adjustable options that can tailor your chair perfectly to your body.

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Whether it is style variety or quality, Newtral Brand is as loyal among the winners, and there is no way around that can match how Newtral Brand bubbled up to the top of your comfort level.

What is Newtral:

It's always “Great things start with great tragedies'' Likewise, Newtral brand ergonomic chairs started with a thought when co-founder and designer Stan suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome. He said this is the time to revolutionize seating for a healthier life, making something that could be the life savior.

After struggling for a decade to make something that has no flaw, the Newtral Chair was finally introduced to the world and featured the auto-following backrest mechanism for the first time to relieve the pressure from the lumbar after a long time of sitting.

Newtral Brand Products:

Magic is the word that perfectly fits here for Newtral chairs. There are some amazing features that stand out in the Newtral chair among the rest. Some of the new inventions added to ergonomic chairs courtesy of the Newtral chair brand are the following:.

Patented back-tracking mechanism:

One of the best things you can find in the Newtral chair is the patented back tracking mechanism. Using the Newtral chair, you don't have to follow the chair, but the chair will follow you. The backrest of the chair moves according to your back position, which provides flexibility and back support.

Working Principle

The backrest automatically adjusts to your posture, which offers immense support to your spine, and there is nothing more relieved and comfortable sitting than having a patent-pending back tracking mechanism.

Once you are seated in the Newtral Chair, you don't have to find the perfect spot for your posture. In fact, the chair will adjust itself to your position, which will give support to your back and keep it comfortable and straight.

There are two different types of support functions:

There are two different types of support functions that you will find in the Newtral chair.

  • The back support (Magic H series)
  • waist and back separation support

The Back Support:

One of the most crucial aspects of an ergonomic chair is the back support that adjusts to your back movements. Thanks to the Newtral ergonomic chair, you will find a back support that will focus on the entire back region, which will support your better posture.

There is a natural curve to your spine; it is important to have a back support that fits your spine. The Newtral chair comprises a back support that adjusts perfectly to the curve line of your back, so you don't feel any uncomfortable spacing whatsoever.


The Newtral Magic H chair is one of the top sellers right now courtesy of the back support, which is highly appreciated by users across the world.

Waist and Back Separation Support:

Most of the back problems that we face start with the lower back. You won't have to face any of those when you are using the Newtral Chair. You will have an amazing experience thanks to the targeted waist and back separation support that promotes spinal alignment and reduces the risk of discomfort, especially when sitting for a longer period of time.


The Newtral NT001 and NT002 are the top-selling Newtral chairs, and what makes them stand out the best is the waist and back separation support.

Some of the best functions of the Newtral Chair:

Best for Your Back:

This is where the Newtral chair is the best, where the patented auto-following backrest not only gives support to your spine but also mental relief. You don't have to worry about the perfect posture; the chair will fit itself to your posture accordingly. It likewise supports a natural S-curve for your spine when locked.

On-the-Go Productivity

It is not for everyone to use a laptop while lying down, although Newtral chairs made it possible as well. Thanks to its portable solution, you can use your workspace wherever you are and in whatever position. It is very handy and lightweight, which makes it easy to move.

Furthermore All the Newtral chairs can be paired with one of their very best computer folding boards. The computer folding board is detachable and foldable with 5 adjustable heights. In fact you can easily place a glass of water, mouse notebooks, iPads and as many items as you can. If you want a complete office desk, Newtral chair with a folding board is a complete desk you have.


Immense customization:

With Newtral Chair in your home or office, you will get a diverse range of customization features, which include

Customization Options

Newtral offers a versatile range of customizable features, including

  • adjustable seat depth,
  • height, headrest, and armrest
  • Movable Backrest
  • Auto-adjusted features and more

Adjustable Height:

You can customize the height of the chair according to your preferences and comfort.

Adjustable gears:

The Newtral chair offers adjustable gears, which will allow you to personalize your seating experience based on the best comfort you have.

Backward Tilt:

The newtral chair consists of a backward tilt option, which provides immense flexibility to recline within a range of 96–136 degrees.

Extendable Footrests:

The extendable footrests will improve your overall comfort and support, which is why Newtral ergonomic chairs are the best on the market right now.

Quality at its best:

Newtral Chair is committed to quality first. Every chair is durable and has picture-perfect quality. Ergonomic chairs are all comfort, and when there is no quality, there is no comfort. Newtral Chair proudly holds certification, which also includes BIFMA SGS ISO and EN1335.

Final Viewpoints:

The Newtral Chair is all about quality at its best. Words can't describe how amazing they feel when you start using them. So if you are looking for an ergonomic or gaming chair that stands out the best in terms of comfort at any level, the Newtral Chair is the one for you.

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