Ergonomic chair with Auto-following back function

Feb 4, 2024

By Newtralchair

The Newtral Magic H ergonomic office chair is an innovative solution designed to provide unmatched comfort and promote healthy sitting habits. Equipped with a patented auto-following lumbar support system, this ergonomic chair dynamically adjusts to your body's shape and movements, eliminating back pain and reducing sitting fatigue. Let’s take a look at what these office chairs with adjustable arms and lumbar support have to offer you.

Let’s take a look at what these office chairs with adjustable arms and lumbar support have to offer you.


Key Features and Benefits 


Auto-Following Backrest - The backrest automatically adjusts to match your posture, providing consistent lumbar support. 

Auto-Following Headrest - The headrest moves in sync as you recline or shift positions, ensuring continuous neck and shoulder support. This alleviates tension and promotes proper alignment.

136° Recline - Adjustable recline angles from 96° to 136° allow you to find the perfect position for work or relaxation. The recline tension is customizable based on body weight. 

Foldable Footrest - The foldable footrest lets you stretch your legs and improve circulation during long sitting sessions, preventing discomfort. 

Detachable Laptop Desk - The lightweight, portable laptop desk allows you to work in multiple settings while reclining or lying down for added comfort.


Revolutionary Auto-Following Back Support 


The Newtral Magic H's standout feature is the patented auto-following lumbar mechanism. Internal sensors dynamically detect your posture and instantly adjust the backrest to match the natural S-curve of your spine. This personalized, adjustable lumbar support office chair encourages movement, engaging your core and reducing static sitting.


As you shift in your seat, the backrest seamlessly adapts to provide continuous lower back support. Traditional chairs remain static, leading to pressure points and misalignment. The auto-following system eliminates this, ensuring comfort no matter your position.


Customizable Comfort and Convenience


From the recline angle to the adjustable armrests, every aspect of the Newtral Magic H is tailored for your optimal comfort: 


● Find your perfect recline with angles ranging from 96° to 136°. The smooth synchronized tilt lets you recline gradually. 

● Customize the backrest tension based on your body weight for responsive support when reclining.      

● Adjustable seat height and depth suit your body dimensions. 

● Padded 4D armrests move in four directions to support your arms properly.

● The back support area is adjustable in strength, and it comes with a lumbar support pad that can be adjusted in height. Adjust it to fit the height of your lower back. 

● Silent rolling casters make it easy to move around without disrupting your workspace.


Designed with Your Health in Mind 


From the materials to the mechanics, the Newtral Magic H is crafted based on ergonomic science and extensive research: 


● The segmented seat cushion evenly distributes weight, reducing thigh pressure. 

● BIFMA and EN1335 certification ensures the chair meets strict ergonomic guidelines. 

● Class 4 gas lift offers stability and durability. 

● PU casters provide shock absorption and quiet gliding. 

● The breathable mesh backrest keeps you cool during long sessions. 

● SGS-certified materials are stringently tested for safety and longevity.


Experience Ultimate Home Office Comfort 


The Newtral Magic H takes your home office experience to new heights. The detachable laptop desk lets you work from virtually any position. Attach it securely to the armrests and enjoy reading emails or writing reports while reclining or even lying down. 


It’s easy to install and remove the laptop table. It stays fixed in place with no wobbling or shifting. With this portable desk, you can seamlessly alternate between sitting upright for focus and reclining for comfort. 


No more hunching over a desk all day. Elevate your home workspace with the freedom to work in total relaxation. The office chair with adjustable lumbar support is all that you need for a peaceful work experience.



With its innovative auto-adjusting design and customizable features, the Newtral Magic H delivers unbeatable comfort for home office workers. This high-end ergonomic chair promotes healthy posture, relieves back pain, and prevents long-term complications from static sitting. 


Superior cost performance, the Newtral Magic H earns its value by prioritizing your wellness and productivity. If you struggle with back pain or want to avoid it while working from home, this chair's personalized support and responsive adjustments make it a worthwhile investment. 


Overall, the Newtral Magic H sets a new standard for ergonomic chairs. Its auto-following back technology brings cutting-edge comfort that effortlessly adapts to you. For remote workers suffering from inadequate office setups, this chair is the ultimate solution for a pain-free and productive home workspace. Get yours today for the best lumbar support.