Newtral Magic H Ergonomischer Bürostuhl mit automatisch folgender Lendenwirbelstütze

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What sets the Newtral Magic H chair apart from others?

Newtral Magic H is specially tailored for individuals who spend prolonged periods seated, meeting ergonomic standards. It is the world's first patented chair that automatically adjusts to provide support to your back, regardless of whether you're leaning forward, sitting upright, or reclining. Alleviating discomfort associated with extended periods of sitting, it offers comprehensive support and comfort for your body. Whether for long office hours, study sessions, or leisure, everyone should own a Newtral back support office chair.

What are the main features of the Newtral Magic H?

The patented automatic tracking of full back movement for full back support.

Detachable laptop table seamlessly integrates with the office chair

Adjustable and lockable recline up to 136°

Foldable footrest releases pressure on your legs.

Auto-adjustable and supportive head and neck rest.

4'11" - 6'9", weights up to 300 lbs

150 cm - 204 cm, weights up to 136 kg

What are the differences between Bpro/Gpro and BP?




5D with patented adjustable support, locks in any position forward and backward



Five star base

Aluminum alloy



Korea Filo Back Mesh

Standard breathable mesh

What height range is the Newtral chair suitable for?

Suitable for individuals with a height range of 5.1" to 6.3". BPRO/GPRO models is adjustable between 41.3" and 52.4", BP model adjusts between 43.7" and 54"

The backrest height is adjustable with three different positions, which can be set during assembly to match the user's height requirements. 

For individuals over 6.1" tall, we also recommend purchasing additional height-increasing wheels, which add an extra 3 cm, ensuring better comfort for taller users.

Relieve Your Back Pain 

NEWTRAL's adaptive back support system targets common pain issues like lower back pain, 
poor posture, herniated discs, and muscle fatigue.

5D Headrest Auto-following Neck support

4cm Length & 51 Degree Angle

Support lockable & 10.6CM Height

4D Armrest

Divided Stress Zone Sponge Cushion 

Adjustable Seat Depth: 5.5 cm
Seat height adjustable: 44CM to 52.5CM