Ergonomic chair with auto-follow lumbar function 

Feb 4, 2024

By Newtralchair

Sitting for prolonged periods can wreak havoc on your back. Slouching, hunching over, and poor posture while working at a desk lead to back pain, stiffness, and long-term spinal issues.  But what if your office chair could intuitively adjust to match your posture and provide personalized lumbar support as you move? The revolutionary Newtral NT002 ergonomic chair does just that with its patented auto-following lumbar support system.


Customized Comfort That Moves With You


The Newtral NT002 features an innovative auto-following backrest that continuously adjusts to match your spine's natural curves as you shift positions in your chair. Traditional ergonomic chairs have a fixed lumbar support that stays static, leading to discomfort when you inevitably change posture. But the NT002's lumbar support actually follows your back, ensuring proper spinal alignment and customized comfort no matter how you sit.

This office chair with adjustable lumbar support eliminates the need to constantly fidget with levers or knobs to find the right support zone. The chair does all the work for you, thanks to smart engineering that uses your body weight distribution to activate personalized lumbar adjustments. Just sit back and let the chair match your spine's natural alignment.


Healthy Posture Promoting Design


In addition to the remarkable auto-following lumbar, the Newtral NT002 incorporates numerous ergonomic features to promote healthy posture and all-day comfort: 


● Adjustable headrest with auto-following function to support your neck

● Retractable footrest to elevate your legs and improve circulation 

● 136° Recline with synchronized tilt to stretch out your spine 

● Customizable armrest, height, and seat adjustments to dial-in perfect support 


The Newtral NT002 and NT001 office chairs with adjustable arms and lumbar support help you maintain proper ergonomic posture, whether working intensely on projects or relaxing during breaks. Everything about the chair is designed to align your spine, alleviate pressure points, and reduce fatigue.


High-End Materials and Reliable Construction 


This top-of-the-line ergonomic chair utilizes premium materials like breathable Korean mesh fabric and high-density sponge cushioning. The sturdy aluminum alloy base provides lasting stability and sleek modern aesthetics. 


Attention to detail and rigorous engineering results in an adjustable lumbar support office chair built to the highest standards. Certifications from SGS, BIFMA, and EN1335 validate the NT002's quality, safety, and performance. 


With a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds and a 3-year comprehensive warranty, the Newtral NT002 is constructed for heavy daily use in any office setting.


Key Features and Benefits


● Auto-following lumbar support - The patented system adjusts in real-time to match your lower back's natural curve as you change posture 

● Auto-following headrest - Provides continuous neck and upper spine support as you recline and move in your chair 

● Retractable footrest - Elevates your legs to improve circulation and alleviate lower body fatigue 

● 136° recline - There are 4 lockable positions, and you can recline to any position within 96 to 136 degrees. ● Adjustability - Customize height, armrest width/height, seat depth, and tilt to your physique 

● High density sponge cushion - The sponge cushions are designed to reduce pressure points and relieve pelvic pressure 

● Breathable mesh back - Flexible Korean mesh material with ventilation channels enhances comfort 

● Heavy duty base - Durable aluminum alloy base rated for up to 300-pound capacity 

● Certified quality - SGS, BIFMA, and EN1335 certifications validate safety, reliability, and performance




The Newtral NT002 and NT001 office chairs lumbar support adjustable arms set a new standard for ergonomic office chairs. Its remarkable auto-following lumbar technology custom tailors back support as you move, ensuring healthy posture and all-day comfort. Premium construction and materials deliver ultimate adjustability and relaxation, whether working intensely or just reclining during breaks. 


If you suffer from back pain, fatigue, and discomfort working long hours at a desk, the NT002 provides the ideal ergonomic solution. Experience the future of intuitive lumbar support and treat your back right with the Newtral NT002 ergonomic chair today. Get yours today!